Takeover Day


Schools are invited to take part in The Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum's 'Takeover Day', where pupils are trained to become museum guides.

This is achieved with regular visits to the museum and/or research done in class time which is then presented in the museum.

Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes: (Second Level)

Health and Wellbeing: HWB 2-12a 

Literacy and English: LIT 1-01a / LIT 2-01a, LIT 2-02a, LIT 2-05a, LIT 2-06a, LIT 2-09a, LIT 2-10a / LIT 3-10a, LIT 2-14a, LIT 2-15a, LIT 2-21a, LIT 2-23a

Expressive Arts: EXA 0-01a / EXA 1-01a / EXA 2-01a

Social Studies: SOC 2-01a, SOC 2-02a, SOC 2-03a, SOC 2-04a, SOC 2-06a




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Pittencrieff Primary P6's 

Pittencrieff Primary P6's