School Visits

If you are a school who wishes to visit our museum but finds the cost of coach hire too expensive then you are invited to apply for our travel bursary.


Bring the Curriculum for Excellence to life with the help of our incredible collections! Our programme offers the following learning opportunities:  


The Victorians

Hands-on visit
Dressing up in Victorian costume (optional)

Cost: Free
Length: 90mins - 2 hours (depending on group requirements with time for a break if necessary)
Age: Suitable for P4-P7
Themes: Victorian childhood: daily life, schooling and game; the life and legacy of Andrew Carnegie in Scotland; Victorian working-class life with a focus on the weaving industry


Structure of Activity

Activity sessions led by Museum staff and trained volunteers in the Birthplace Cottage and Main Exhibition Hall. Pupils have the option to dress up as Victorian school childrenand in groups will handle museum objects in the cottage and see how the Carnegie family lived and worked.  They will see an original handloom and hear about the local weaving industry and reasons for local weavers’ families emigrating to America in the mid-1800s. As an additional activity, local schools can explore ‘Dunfermline then, now and in the future’ by comparing different maps. Optional ‘Question and Answer’ session with time-travelling Andrew Carnegie, or his mother or father (costumed interpretation) is also available. 

·      Children will be able to gain an understanding of living conditions in Victorian times through handlingof museum objects

·      Using investigative skills in object handling sessions

·      Improving listening skills and ability to express ideas through discussion about their lives now and Andrew’s life almost 200 years ago. Allowing fellow pupils to share their ideas.

Please note: free handloom weaving demonstrations, given by a professional weaver, take place once a month (April-October). Contact the museum for more information  


Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes: (Second Level)

Social Studies: SOC 2-02a, SOC 2-03a,  SOC 2-04a, SOC 2-06a, SOC 2-14a

Expressive Arts: EXA 2-01a, EXA 2-05a, EXA 2-13a, EXA 2-14a

Literacy and English: LIT 2-10a, LIT 2-07a


Launching in Spring 2018

Dino Lab!

Hands-on visit
Cost: Free
Age: Suitable for P1-P3

Structure of Activity

Pupils will learn key facts about dinosaurs using fun interactive games and object handling and will have the chance to become young palaeontologists where they can try excavating fossils.


For further information or to book a workshop please contact

or telephone 01383 749 769