School Visits

Bring the Curriculum for Excellence to life with the help of our incredible collections! Our newly developed tours for schoolchildren offer the following learning opportunities:  

Life in Victorian Britain and emigration to America (P1-P7):

- dress up as a Victorian (optional)
- experience life in a cramped weaver’s cottage in Dunfermline
- learn about the long and perilous crossing to America (and taste the food - optional)
- find out more about ‘the land of opportunities’, the Industrial Revolution and Andrew Carnegie’s journey from a bobbin boy to capitalist


Europe on the brink of the First World War (P6-P7)

- find out about Andrew Carnegie’s role in international politics and his friendship with various prominent heads of state (King Edward VII, Tsar Nicholas II, Kaiser Wilhelm II)
- learn about the political alliances and oppositions forming at that time
- explore the histories of the famous institutions dedicated to keep peace (the Peace Palace and later the United Nations)
- meet Diplodocus carnegii (or Dippy), the dinosaur that became Andrew Carnegie’s ambassador for world peace

Our learning sessions are free of charge and last approximately 2 hours. The tours can be tailored to individual group requirements.

To make the most of your visit, please have a look at our teaching resources.  
The museum has a coach drop-off point and a Learning Room for secure storage of jackets, coats and schoolbags. The room can also be used for consuming packed lunches. 
To enquire about availability and book a session, please contact us. 

Carnegie Creative Challenge - Andrew Carnegie (S1-S2)

This learning programme is currently being developed in co-opertion with Dunfermline High School.